Puerto Rico

Over Christmas, Fabian and I went to Puerto Rico for a week. It was a nice escape from the winter and we enjoyed the Caribbean climate a lot. Culebra, a small island to the east of the mainland, is a really nice place with a great beach, probably a lot better in the off season though, but definitely recommendable. Otherwise, it's a bit pricey for what you get, but I guess we are also spoiled from the African wilderness....

san juan 1.jpg
san juan 1
san juan 2.jpg
san juan 2
san juan 3.jpg
san juan 3
san juan 4.jpg
san juan 4
san juan 5.jpg
san juan 5
san juan bautista.jpg
san juan bautista
el morro.jpg
el morro
el yunque 1.jpg
el yunque 1
el yunque 2.jpg
el yunque 2
isleta marina.jpg
isleta marina
britton norman islander.jpg
britton norman islander
transporting chicken alive.jpg
transporting chicken
fajardo airport.jpg
fajardo airport
culebra runway 13.jpg
culebra runway 13
fabian scooter runway.jpg
fabian scooter runway
playa flamenco.jpg
playa flamenco
playa flamenco 2.jpg
playa flamenco 2
playa flamenco 3.jpg
playa flamenco 3
fabian playa.jpg
fabian playa.jpg
culebra beach villas.jpg
culebra beach villas.jpg
culebra beach villas 2.jpg
culebra beach villas 2
culebra village.jpg
culebra village
bosque carite.jpg
bosque carite
aguirre 1.jpg
aguirre 1
aguirre 2.jpg
aguirre 2
playa salinas.jpg
playa salinas
playa salinas 2.jpg
playa salinas 2

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