California, Nevada, Arizona

My friend Swetlana came to visit me and since I also needed a break from DC, we went to San Diego together to see my sister and explore the west coast. After a weekend in San Diego, we went to Las Vegas for a day and drove via the Hoover Dam to the Grand Canyon, really impressive. On the way back we visited the Joshua Tree National Park and once back in San Diego, took a day trip to the Anza Borrego desert together with Kristina, Philipp and some of Kristina's friends. It was a nice vaction and I have to say that San Diego seems to be good place to live, too bad the World Bank has its office in Washington.... (thanks Swetta, for some of the pictures!)

aircraft carrier.jpg
aircraft carrier
anza borrego1.jpg
anza borrego1
anza borrego2.jpg
anza borrego2
anza borrego3.jpg
anza borrego3
anza borrego4.jpg
anza borrego4
before hiking.jpg
before hiking
colorado river.jpg
colorado river
grand canyon caverns.jpg
grand canyon caverns
grand canyon1.jpg
grand canyon1
grand canyon2.jpg
grand canyon2
grand canyon3.jpg
grand canyon3
grand canyon4.jpg
grand canyon4
hoover dam1.jpg
hoover dam1
hoover dam2.jpg
hoover dam2
hoover dam3.jpg
hoover dam3
hoover dam4.jpg
hoover dam4
joshua tree np1.jpg
joshua tree np1
joshua tree np2.jpg
joshua tree np2
joshua tree np3.jpg
joshua tree np3
joshua tree np4.jpg
joshua tree np4
las vegas.jpg
las vegas
on the road.jpg
on the road
on the road2.jpg
on the road2
on the road3.jpg
on the road3
on the way back.jpg
on the way back
san diego.jpg
san diego
san diego2.jpg
san diego2
san diego3.jpg
san diego3
san diego4.jpg
san diego4
swetta grand canyon.jpg
swetta grand canyon
venice in las vegas.jpg
venice in las vegas

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