From Maseru to Durban via Sani Pass

During July I spent some time in Lesotho again, but this time I went there with my car. Fabian came to visit and we went, together with two friends (actually we started off with three, but one cycled back to Maseru from the middle of the country) from Lesotho, from Maseru via Katse Dam and the Sani Pass to Durban and back to Maseru. It was quite impressive to start in the the freezing mountains of Lesotho in the morning, drive down the pass and arrive in Durban at the Indian Ocean in the evening. I would have liked some more time in Durban, but I had to go back to Maseru and from there to Windhoek to return to Germany for a couple of weeks before going to Washington. The pictures are in no particular order, because I don't have much time right now and rather want to put some pictures of DC on the web soon for everybody who might be interested.

airstrip.jpg at least someone is slower.jpg beach.jpg border post.jpg cold.jpg dam.jpg
downtown durban1.jpg downtown durban2.jpg driving down.jpg durban beach.jpg durban harbour.jpg enjoying the beach.jpg
going up.jpg houses.jpg into the mountains.jpg into the mountains2.jpg katse dam.jpg looking at sani pass1.jpg
looking at sani pass2.jpg mighty and indian oecan.jpg mosotho.jpg mountains at sani pass.jpg on top.jpg pass.jpg
rocks on road.jpg sani pass.jpg snow.jpg to mokhotlong.jpg village on the way.jpg village.jpg

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