A weekend at Wolwedans

Since we are leaving Namibia soon, we wanted to have a really nice farewell weekend. We have seen a lot of Namibia by now and think that Wolwedans and the NamibRand Nature Reserve is one of the most beautiful places in the country, therefore the decision where we should spend that weekend wasn't very difficult to take (what also helped was the Namibian residents special :) in June). To make the getaway from Windhoek even more attractive, we didn't take the car, but good old AAC (who belongs to the family by now - according to Fabian), which didn't only decrease the travel time, but increased the fun substantially. So we took off on Friday afternoon and reached Wolwedans after two hours. On Saturday we went on a guided tour around a large part of the very big reserve and enjoyed the scenery as well as the game and the smaller animals. After a very relaxing weekend, we had to go back to Windhoek on Sunday and can only once more recommend this beautiful place, it was definitely a great choice for our 'official Namibia farewell' weekend. And now enjoy the pictures.

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just arrived
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